English Stammtisch is at Literatur Café, Am Neumarkt 1, Bielefeld (town library)

We always met from about 7.30pm onward - every second Friday - please check our blog entries for any changes.

The English Stammtisch Bielefeld was founded in the 1970s by a lecturer from the Pädagogische Hochschule Bielefeld, the forerunner of the University Bielefeld. Initially the Stammtisch was an informal meeting place for staff and students. The circle soon expanded as everybody interested in speaking English was invited to join in.

As an informal group, there are no membership fees or other regulations. We only meet to enjoy talking English. Conversational English proficiency is the only requirement to take part. Both native and non-native speakers are welcome. However, fun, not perfection, is the aim.

In the forty or so years since the Stammtisch was established, it has been visited by people from all over the world. Students and visiting lecturers from India, China, Japan, Australia, the USA and many other countries have joined us during their time in Germany. Today, not only university students and staff meet at the Stammtisch, but people of all ages and professions.

For at least the last thirty years the Stammtisch used to meet in the quiet fin-de-siècle ambience of Augustus (August-Bebel-Straße 47 on the corner of Heinrichstraße).  As Augustus closed at the end of 2012 we started looking for a new location. And we have found one: Nordpol / Mühlenstraße /Bielefeld.

Very regrettably, they closed.


Now we are at Literatur Café, Am Neumarkt 1, Bielefeld


Always check our blog entries!!









Be seeing you there.


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Upcoming dates for our meetings

Dear friend of English Stammtisch,


the upcoming dates for our meetings are


January 20th

February 3rd

February 17th


Place: Literatur Café // Am Neumarkt 1

Time: From 7.30 onwards. The Café is open longer than advertised

Food: Small snacks and nice cakes


Why don't you try for yourself


Be seeing you


PS The English Drama Group presents a play January 31st and February 3rd. Room CO2 235. Title no yet published.





Next Meetings December 23rd and January 6th 2023

Dear friends of English Stammtisch, 


our next meetings will be December 23rd, 2022 and January 6th, 2023.


Have a great time with lots of sparkle and joy





New Venue: It is Literatur Café in/an der Stadtbibliothek

Dear friends of English Stammtisch,


our next meeting will take place December 9th, 2022 in


Literatur Café , Am Neumarkt 1 in Bielefeld.


We will meet from 7.30 onwards. The place will be open till around 11 o'clock.

They do not serve alcohol but you can taste their excellent cakes and small snacks.


Check our blog for upcoming dates.


Be seeing you at Stammtisch 





New dates for Stammtisch November and December 2022

Dear friends of English Stammtisch,


we meet again November 25th. This time we meet at Literaturcafé, Neumarkt 1, Bielefeld.


In December we meet on the 9th. Then we meet at Nordpark Café.


Be seeing you 


P.S. One of our members has organized a hiking group. If you feel like joining, come along and get your name on his list. I hear people really enjoyed their last trip to Externsteine.  External Stones?





English Stammtisch Meeting October 14 CANCELLED

Dear friend of English Stammtisch,


our  next meeting ( October 14th ) has to be cancelled due to a private function at Nordpark Café.

We meet again October 28th.


Till then, stay healthy 


Be seeing you at Stammtisch


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